Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Workshop aims at helping individuals develop 21th century skills within the context of entrepreneurship. The workshop concentrates on the idea and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship; in addition, issues entrepreneurs may face upon starting a business are carefully integrated into the content.


Encouraging participants to discover their potentials and determine their goals.
Providing participants with the information of supply-demand relations and the skills of conducting research to understand the needs of society.
Presenting and teaching the SWOT analysis to the participants.
Informing participants about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
Stimulating participants to foster skills of idea and competitor analysis and financial literacy.
Training participants to develop better presentation skills which will enable them to effectively present their business ideas in front of a crowd.


Session 1

Firstly, the instructor will share general information about the definition of entrepreneurship, the skills an entrepreneur must have, and the process an entrepreneur is expected to go through. Ideally, participants will discover their potentials while thinking about their areas of interests, skills and goals. It is planned to put emphasize on the importance of entrepreneurship as a team game. After persuading the participants to join this game as a team, groups will be formed, which is the main purpose of session 1.

Session 2

Having formed the teams in session 1, the participants in each group will be expected to come up with some problems that are likely to occur or are already occurring in their areas of interests. Then, the teams will list these problems in terms of the criteria explained by the instructor and find the most critical one. That problem will be the main reason why they will start a business.

Session 3

This session will be dedicated to brainstorming: teams will brainstorm about the solution to the problem they determined in the previous session. Creative and out-of-the box thinking will be promoted by the instructor.

Session 4

In this last session, the solution proposal found in session 3 will be subject to SWOT analysis. The analysis will be carried out providing details about idea, competitors, pricing, cost, technology and area of function. Finally, the participants will make a presentation in front of the class about their problem and the solution that was SWOT analyzed.

Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshop aims at helping individuals develop 21th century skills within the context of entrepreneurship.

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